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Why get fitted for Custom Insoles ?
In just 15 minutes we'll get you walking on sunshine!

When we walk, our whole weight and sometimes more, falls down on our feet.
Our insoles are perfectly designed to support your feet and back in a healthier manner, to ensure your BODY is treated in the best way possible!

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How can insoles improve your life?

Sport and Fitness

Reducing pain and pressure from your feet with shock absorption and assist with stress fractures and pain prevention

Professional Fit

Each Insole at Fit Step Pro is professionally fit, considering the customer needs

Free Exam

A free consultation using the leading technologies + a balancing check for 100% accuracy - totally FREE


Insoles can prevent lower back pain, spine problems and feet pain


As a leading manufacturer in the insoles industry, Fit Step Pro provides a full warranty on all of our insoles

Our professional team is waiting just for you. don't neglect your feet - they carry you around!